Our Course Module

Learn the basic components & tools usage such as election tool, moving objects, creating rectangles, ellipses, changing color of the fill and stroke, duplicating, rotating, arranging, and grouping, align, and path finder in creating unique designs. Students will also learn to create design layouts on different collaterals and sizes.

WEEK 1-2 Introducing Adobe Illustrator

• Uses of Illustrator
• Why Illustrator?
• Introducing Vector
• Understanding Vector
• Remind them of Final Exam project

WEEK 4-5

• Difference between CMYK and RGB
• What is spot color and process color
• Planning
• Illustrator Interface
• Understanding Layers

WEEK 5-6

• Introducing Pen Tool
• What is Points
• Swatches
• Gradients

WEEK 7-8

• Creating Logo
• Understanding Extrude
• Hints for Logo Designing

WEEK 9-10

• Creating a Vector Image

WEEK 11-12

• Explaining your created Vector