Our Course Module

The course offers the basic tools & usage of Adobe Photoshop software in creating designs using range from full featured editing photos, design principles, color theory & basic layout designs.

WEEK 1-2 Getting to know the TOOLS WORKSPACE

The first lesson shall cover knowledge of the Photoshop environment and tools. full learn a wide range of selection tools and how to effectively use them. Full experiment with basic adjustments and understanding the difference between CM and RGB and what purpose they will serve for your artwork. As well as the document sie and pixel and how to save a high resolution file that doesn’t consume too much space.

• *Uses of Photoshop * Remind them of Final Exam project
• Why edit a Photo?
• Introducing Adobe Photoshop
• Understanding File formats

WEEK 3-4 Understanding Layers Cloning and Photo Manipulation

The second lesson shall cover knowledge of the photoshop environment and tool. all learn a wide range of selection tools and how to effectively use them. all experiment with basic adjustments and playing with the coloring and exposure of your photographs. You will also learn how to use layers and tools such as cloning stamp tool to correct photographs.

• Adobe Photoshop Interface
• Adobe Photoshop preferences
• Toolbar
• Layers
• Pen tool
• Masking
• Seatwork

WEEK 5-6 The Magic of Layers and Blending

The Third lesson shall cover all the magic that can be done with layer blending and how it can be used to create a beautiful Composition. Using the techniques learned from the first lesson students will be combining various part of different compositions into one and blend them properly and seamlessly together.

* Mid terms Exam (actual)

WEEK 7-8 Layers and Typoraphy

The fourth lesson shall cover the power of playing with font and spacing and the huge impact it can make in a poster advertisement.

• Filter *Perspective
• Adjustments *Distort
• Warp
• Scale
• Rotate
• Skew
• Seat work

WEEK 9-10 Playing with brushes

The fifth lesson will teach students how to maximize the use of the brush tool.

• Gather Project Materials
• Create Project

WEEK 11-12 Playing with brushes

The Final Lesson will be about Filtering and Digitally enhancing your composition through exposure curves levels and other tools.

• Explaining your created Artwork