Our Course Module

The course offers the fundamentals of Adobe Premier Pro-Basic skills & managing the tools of the software. From video editing, transitions, software interface, speed, motions and hands-on video manipulation.

WEEK 1-2 Introduction to Adobe Premiere

• Creating a new project
• Premiere Pro Interface
(different names & uses)
• Importing Files
• Shortcuts

WEEK 3-4 Editing and Hands On Part 1

• Using a story board
• Overview of dierent shots
• Sequencing events
• Editing Footage
• Cut and Trim Videos
• Deleting Audio on Video
• Adding Titles
• Start Make Video

WEEK 5-6 Editing and Hand On Part 2

• Adding Effects
• Introduction of Different Effects
• Adding Music
• Using Colors
• Make their Own Video/ Movie

WEEK 7-8 Editing and Showing of Video Part 1

• Continue Editing their Video
• Watching Video of Students

WEEK 9-10 Showing Video Part 2

• Watching Video of Students

WEEK 11-12 Final test

• Written and Practical
Exam about Adobe Premier