Our Course Module

This course is a study of the fundamentals of baking including, dough, cakes, cookies, and basic items made in a bakery. Topics include baking terminology, tools and equipment use, formula conversions, functions of ingredients, and the use of proper flours. It includes food safety practices, project plan sheet, proper costing and budgeting.

Knowledge Based:
• Identify and explain baking terms, ingredients, equipment and tool.
• Basic concepts in bread and pastry production, Baking ingredient’s and its substitution
• Employ safe food handling practices using contemporary guidelines
• Introduce PPE,FIFO, and Food Safety practices

Course Learning Outcomes:
• Describe properties and functions of the basic ingredients used in baked goods.
• Weigh and measure ingredients used in baking.
• Resize recipes to meet production needs and equipment capacities.
• Scale, mix, mold, proof and bake yeast raised goods.
• Prepare cookies using various common dividing and panning techniques.
• Prepare chiffon cakes, custard /butter cake, moist chocolate cake and apply basic cake decorating techniques
• Demonstrate proper storage techniques for all baked products.

WEEK 1-2

• Introduction/Course outline
• Safety/Sanitation
• Baking terms and techniques
• Familiarization of Equipment/Tools
• Introduce Project plan sheet and Food costing.

WEEK 3-4

• Prepare project plan sheet
• Review recipe, check and assemble materials needed
• Learn how to bake moist chocolate cake
• Food costing, come up with the selling price per slice/per recipe.
• Wash and clean all the materials being used.

WEEK 5-6

• Learn how to prepare chiffon cake and custard, Creaming methods and meringue.
• Basic icing application and cake decorating
• Homework, Review given recipes for week #4, work on costing sheets.

WEEK 7-8

• Familiarization of dough and dough making
• Handling, rolling, shaping of dough
• Using the right dough for the right filling
• Learn how to bake Empanada and Chocolate chip cookies
• Review for Next activity

WEEK 9-10 Practical Exam- Students should perform baking according to their choice and apply basic icing and cake decorating.

• Come up with the design according to the occasion, submit project plan sheet and selling price.
• Cleaning, sanitizing the materials used during lab.

WEEK 11-12 
Final Exam/Written