Our Course Module

Business English Intermediate focuses on preparing the trainees for work in a multicultural workplace. Each session has different activities focusing on specific business situations.

Learning Objectives:
● Utilize broader vocabulary when speaking about daily routines and immediate
● Use social learning strategies during conversations


About Filipino Institute
What you should know

WEEK 2-3

Writing clearly
What is plain English?
Problems from writing that is not clear
Government’s impact on plain English

WEEK 4-5

Your writing
Catch mistakes by reading aloud
Use (readability level)

WEEK 6-7-8

Make writing clear and plain
How to avoid readiness
Simplify sentence structure
Use strong verbs
Delete extra words from your writing
Use multisyllabic words sparingly
Avoid corporate jargon in writing
Avoid Technobabble and legalese
Eliminate vague words expression
Remove rubbish and nonsensical writing
Find the right voice
Incorporate easy to read design features

WEEK 9-10

Revise for easy understanding
Edit ow and content writing
Importance of organization structure
Write with a conversation style
How to choose meaningful words

WEEK 11-12

Assessment (Project/Exam)
Final Exam
Presentation of Project