Our Course Module

The course explains the basic function of Document Control responsibilities and covers all need-to-know information that a Document Controller should know. Beginners will be able to relate to the subjects covered, regardless of their background / industry. Detailed explanations of how or what are the best practices used in Document Control will be discussed.

WEEK 1-2

• Introduction to Document Control
• What is Document Control and the role
of the Document Controller
• The Basics of Document Control
• Document control checks and gatekeeping
• How to make sure that document
are identifiable

WEEK 3-4

• Document Classifying & Filing
• How to organise documents and manage
information security
• Document Distribution o How to ensure an
ecient and relevant distribution of documents

WEEK 5-6

• Managing Documents Throughout Their Life cycle
• What is the lifecycle of technical documents? How to manage documents at each step of the lifecycle? How to avoid misuse of documents?
• As-Built and Final Documentation
• What is an As-Built document and what are the specifics for the management of these documents?

WEEK 7-8

• Document Control Procedures and Specifications
• Why do we need procedures? Which subjects should be included in a Document Control Procedure?
• Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)
• Which software packages are used by Document Controllers? What are the functionalities of Document Control Software Packages? How can it help Document Controllers?

WEEK 9-10

• Interactions with project teams,
engineering teams, managers
• How to support technical teams? How
to manage work pressure? How to
manage dicult situations?

WEEK 11-12

• To evaluate how the students
understood the lecture given