Human Resource Management

Our Course Outline

In this course students will learn a broad view about Human Resource using the current theories, concepts, skills & processes. Introducing the functions of an Office Administrator & HR personnel in an organization, with topics including common administrative procedures, windows and file management, UAE Labor Law, development of human management & employees.

WEEK 1 Welcome

• About Filipino Institute
• Introduction
• Shape & Talk (Personality check)
• Expectation

WEEK 2-3 The Basics of Administrative HR

• Understand the role of administrative HR
• Treat employees as customer
• Build trust with employee
• Conduct an HR audit

Administrative Duties

• How to classify employees
• Compensation and benefits
• Company policies and handbook
• Record keeping and personnel files
• Overview of compliance

WEEK 4-5 Recruitment and Selection

• Write a job description
• Recruiting
• Prepare for the interview
• Communication skills for interviewing
• Diversity in the hiring process
• Hire the selected candidate

Employee Performance

• Overview of the performance process
• Conduct performance evaluations
• Employee training and development
• Discipline an employee
• Take grievances
• Exiting employees

WEEK 6-7 Labour Law

Introduction and Overview of UAE Labour Law
UAE Labour Law (Chapter 1 & 2)
Employment of workers
Children and women
Employment Contracts,
Records and Wages

WEEK 8-9 Labour Law

Working hours and leaves
Workers Safety, Protection,
Health and Social Care
Disciplinary Rules
Advance Administrative Skills
UAE Labour Law (Chapter 3 to 5)

WEEK 10-11 Labour Law

Brainstorming Activity
File Management
UAE Labour Law (Chapter 6 to 8)
Mind Mapping
Management Styles
UAE Labour Law (Chapter 9 to 11)

WEEK 8-9 Labour Law

Review of the Important Points
Final Exams