IELTS – Preparatory Course

Our Course Outline

This course focuses on the four main language skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking the English language with the emphasis on the tips and tricks in conquering the IELTS exam with ease while developing the students’ fluency and confidence of the language.

Learning Outcomes:
On the completion of this course, the students will be able to:
1. gauge their capacity in the English language
2. learn and apply the tricks and tips in hurdling the IELTS exam
3. establish a schedule and method of self-study
4. gain confidence in taking the IELTS exam

WEEK 1-2 Introduction and Assessment

• General vs. Academic Test
• Band Score interpretation
• Test Preparation (Fee, Location and Date)
• Overview of the 4 areas of an IELTS Test
• Answer Sheets – Assessment Test

WEEK 3-4 Listening Overview

• Listening Question Types
• Tips and Tricks in Listening Test
• Practice Test

WEEK 5-6 Reading Overview

• 3 Approaches to tackle the reading test
• Reading Question Types
• Tips and Tricks in Reading Test
• Practice Test

WEEK 7-8 Writing Overview

• Academic Writing
• General Writing
• Writing Task 1 Tips and Tricks
• Writing Task 2 Tips and Tricks
• Practice Test

WEEK 9-10 Speaking Overview

• Interview Preparation
• Common Topics
• Tips and Tricks in Speaking Test
• Practice Test / Interview

WEEK 11-12

IELTS Test Simulation
(Listening, Reading, Writing
& Speaking Test)