Our Course Outline

In this course, students will learn, understand & identify different types of logistics, key decisions, management, worklow process & procedures and an overview of the supply chain management system & coordination.

WEEK 1-2 Introduction to Logistics

• Logistics, Defined
• History
• Logistics Management
• Logistics in Business
• Fields of Logistics in Business
• Procurement Logistics
• Production Logistics
• Distribution Logistics
• Disposal Logistics

WEEK 3-4 Logistics Components / Activities in A Business Environment

• Core Activities
a. Customer Service
b. Inventory Management
c. Order Processing
d. Transportation

• Support Activities
a. Demand Forecasting
b. Purchasing
c. Materials Handling
d. Packaging
e. Warehousing
f. Parts and Service Support
g. Others

• Logistics Outsourcing
a. 3PL
b. 4PL

WEEK 5-6 Costs of Logistics Activities

• Customer Service Levels
• Information System Costs
• Lot Quantity Costs
• Inventory Carrying Costs
• Warehousing Costs
• Order Processing Costs
• Transportation Costs
• Cost of a Lost Sale

Areas for Improvement in Logistics Performance and Logistic Strategies
• Economic Order Quantity
• Just In Time
• Quick Response
• Cross Docking
• Efficient Customer Response
• Total Quality Management
• Others (If you want to add any other Strategy)

WEEK 7-8 Types of Logistics as to its Nature
                  Types of Logistic Services

International Logistics
• Strategic Advantages
• Challenges
• Export Documentation and Shipping Requirements
a. Packing Requirement
b. Labelling Requirements
c. Documentation Requirements
d. Insurance Requirements
• Letter of Credit and UCP Guidelines
• Government Regulations Affecting Logistics
• Economic Sanctions and Trade Embargoes
• Export Controls
• The Harmonized System and Schedule B Numbers
• Tariffs / Duties and other Import Fees
• Trade Agreements
• Economic / Free Zones


• Recap of Previous Topic
• Practical Activity (by group)
• Impact of Gov’t Regulations
on Logistics
• Logistical Outsourcing, Partnering
and Strategic Alliances
• Open-end Question

The Incoterms Rules


Final Eaxamination