Our Course Module

In this course, students will learn the basic principles of an occupational assessment series, full responsibility of HSE (Health Safety Environment) in an organization plus the site quality & inspection.



WEEK 2-3-4

Identification of Hazards & Risk
• Definition of Terms
• Importance of Health and Safety
• Moral
• Legal
• Financial

WEEK 5-6 Identification of Hazards & Risk

• What is risk? (risks assessment)
• What is hazard
• Basic terms apply to risk assessment
• Outcome of incidents

WEEK 7-8 Controlling risks

• How to reduce risk?
• Decision on risk control to use?
• Roles & Responsibilities

Incidents & Accidents
Discussion & Activity

WEEK 9-10 Understanding your Roles & Responsibility Incidents & accidents inquiries, Audit

• Incident & Accident,
• Reason for investigation of accidents
• Role of Investigation, Function of investigation
• Reporting of accidents/incident & Recording

Control Measures

WEEK 11-12 Workplace Hazards, Risk & Control Measures

• Workplace Safety, Hazardous Substances, Electrical, Working at Height,
• Vehicle Safety, Fire Safety at Work

Performance Review
Discussion & Assessment